When I first heard about Fried Ice Cream, I thought I was daydreaming and anyhow it did no longer sound too appealing. However, when I first tasted this delicious dessert, I should inform that this become going to make it to the top of the favourite dessert list. Please check out my favourite Deep Fried Ice Cream Recipe under:


– four-five scoops of your favourite Ice Cream. I select Vanilla
– 1/2 Cup cornflakes -overwhelmed exceptional
– 1 tsp Cinnamon powder
– 2 tsp Sugar
– three egg whites

For the toppings

– Whipped Cream
– Chocolate Sauce
– Spliced almonds or cashew nuts


1. Prepare high-quality spherical scoops of the vanilla ice cream Cream Deluxe Gold and location it inside the freezer (preferably in a single day).

2. Mix the cornflakes, cinnamon powder and sugar collectively.

Three. Roll the ice cream scoops until them are completely blanketed and refreeze for at the least a couple of hours. If you have got extra time you then should maintain it to your freezer for at the least 4 to six hours.

Four. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites till they are stiff.

Five. Roll the ice-cream scoops in the egg batter and the relaxation of the cornflakes mixture and it’s far now time to refreeze one extra time. After this the cornflakes combination need to cover the scoops much higher. The minimum time for freezing ought to be as a minimum 2-3 hours at this stage. You can freeze it for greater hours depending upon the time you have got. The longer you freeze, the higher it’ll be.

6. When you are geared up to fry – Heat sufficient oil in a wok or Kadhai (now not too warm) and fry the ice-cream scoops until they’re slightly golden

7. Place it on your plate or your dessert bowl and top it with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Eight. Serve Immediately. You can optionally additionally garnish with some spliced almonds or cashew nuts.

There are numerous extraordinary variations to make this dessert. Although this version consists of cornflakes and eggs because the outer insulation agent, there are different recipes which use batter to coat the ice-cream scoops earlier than frying. The key right here is the refrigeration time. The longer you are able to refrigerate the scoops, it’s going to preserve higher even as frying and the batter or coating will now not c